Our Digital Forte

With more than 20 years of expertize in the digital arena, MicroObjects has continued to serve various business sectors by providing unparalleled services in Custom Mobile App Development, Enterprise Mobility, and Creative Services. Having dedicated teams for all key application platforms, you can reach us for all your digital needs.

Custom Mobile App Development

Market Leaders in iOS, Android, & Windows Phone App Development

MicroObjects has been identified as one of the largest Custom Mobile Application developers expertized in various mobile platforms like - iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Our proficient developers and designers have years of experience in different programming languages, UI design, data security, and mobile app development methodologies. We offer to develop the best app features, with the latest technologies.

Hybrid App Development

Experts in - PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, HTML 5

Hybrid App Development allows developers to execute design and coding across multiple platforms with a single code. Working with Hybrid tools like – PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, HTML 5, etc, offer more flexibility in releasing new features across all platforms swiftly. We offer unmatched services to our clients as an industry expert in developing hybrid applications that support multiple operating systems.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Amplify your business efficiency with Enterprise apps

MicroObjects stands as a strong player in the field of enterprise software solutions. Enterprise apps amplify business efficiency as they reduce cost, minimize risk, and increase profit potential and business growth. We ensure the safety of your business data and ease of app use. Our enterprise application development services range from web and desktop apps to custom database development for all mobile, web, and desktop platforms. Some of the database technologies utilized by us include - SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLLite.

Enterprise Mobility

Optimize operational expanse and improve customer relationship

Enterprise mobility is all about employee utilization of third party enterprise applications and cloud service. It enables companies to optimize operational expenditure and capital, quality assurance, enhance rapid responsiveness, and improve customer relationship. MicroObjects offers safer connections to back-end enterprise systems, delivering ready to integrate mobile specific features such as sync, notification services, and security integration for cloud-enabled applications giving complete enterprise mobility solutions.

Creative Services

Frontrunners in 2D & 3D animation, Mobile Game Development, & Augmented Reality

Creative Services, a complete blend of creativity and technology is what we offer. 2D and 3D animation, Mobile Game Development, and Augmented Reality are some of our prominent services. MicroObjects is proud to extend its services to the fields of - Medical Animation, Architectural Animation, Character and Props Animation, and Product Design & Asset Creation.

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